Cumitex Polishing Wheels

Nonwoven abrasive wheels for polishing applications for use in bench grinders

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Size (mm) 150 x 25, 150 x 50, 200 x 25, 200 x 50
Grades 1-SVF, 3-SVF, 5-SVF, 8-SVF
Colour Grey
Best Suited for Generating satin finish pattern on metal, Polishing Brass, Copper, Aluminium, MS and SS, Kitchen, Cutlery and Surgical equipments

Product Features:

  • Premium quality Nylon fiber
  • High performance grain
  • Synthetic water proof resin bond
  • Consistent cut and superior finish

Made by compressing layers of non woven abrasive materials
Suitable for polishing brass, copper, Aluminium, carbon steel and SS
Generates unique satin decorative finish on metals 
Right Choice for kitchen, cutlery and surgical equipment polishing

Wheels & Discs CUMI offers different types of non-woven abrasive wheels and discs for machine assisted sanding operations. Made from premium quality Nylon fiber and coated with high performance synthetic abrasives and water proof resin bond, these products do not load / clog and can be used for both wet and dry applications.