Hand Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck

Why Hand Pallet Truck?

Moving material from the place to where it is needed can be challenging, expensive and time consuming task. There is a chance that materials can be damaged or lost in transit. So it is important that it done with the proper equipment. So that material movement under control at all times.

The hand pallet truck is without any doubt the most basic, yet essential tool in material handling. It is used for loading and unloading materials at Warehouse, Industries, Shops, Lorries, Markets and many places. It plays best role wherever the manual transports needed.

So here are the best Hand Pallet Truck you can buy in India.

pallet truck
Pallet Truck – Economical Solution to move material at warehouse


hand pallet truck handle

lifting gear for hand pallet truckThis pallet truck has ergonomic large rubber handle ensures a comfortable hold and easy operation.

Lower Position: Pull up the finger tip for lowering.

Neutral Position: Keep in the position to push and pull the truck.

Lifting Position: Push down the fingertip for pump lifting.

hand pallet truck steering

Steering: Easy to steer in various directions with 210 degrees turning radius. All pivots points are greased ensures excellent movement with effortless steering.

Spray Finishing: Standard painting system ensures the best power coating and painting quality.

Controlled Speed: Speed lowering valve can adjust the descent speed freely.

Reliable Construction: Heavy gauge steel construction, drop forged lift link arms provide available strength and durability.

Easy lowering operation: Foot and hand control the lowering function to ensure easy operation.

The quality construction of this pallet truck strengthen the pallets and a powder coating for additional protection in tough applications. Best Quality wheels, Low fork height helps to ease your material handling needs. 

High lift pallet trucks are reduce the physical effort at warehouse. On regular usage, you should feel the top performance. Of course, the really right choice for your warehouse needs.

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Lifting Equipment for Reliable and Efficient Warehouse

Lifting technology is critical throughout the entire production areas. Warehousing relies on a variety of lifting equipment, from pallet truck and stacker to forklift. This equipment must withstand the pressure of moving thousands of pounds product, whether it is 2 kg Pallet, 50 kg Drums, or 200 kg goods. From front to back, the operation required safety, reliability and efficiency.

This blog, based on 10 years of experience with manufacturing and servicing Material handling equipment and lifting equipment, presents five elements to consider in the material handling equipment selection process. Follow this step by step guide to help you determine the best lifting equipment for your warehousing facility:

1. List your lifting needs.
2. List your process.
3. Find the various option of lifting equipment
4. Decide on Forks of the equipment.
5. Look beyond the equipment.

List Your Lifting Needs:
As you look at your options for lifting equipment in your facility, you may already have an idea of what you want. But are you sure it’s the best products for the job? The first step researching cranes is to business might look like years from now. To do this, consider these key questions:

  • What type of lifting equipment do you need for your current production processes?
  • What might change in your operation that could impact the type of lifting equipment you need in the future
  • Examine your Operations.

To uncover the answers to these questions, study what goes on at every step of your operation. Start examining your process. Knowing your process inside and out helps determine the lifting equipment that will see the most use.

Analyse your daily operation and track the following data:

  • During your process, which department require more movement? Loading – Unloading – Shipping, Stacking, Arranging or Transporting
  • How much weight will be lifted?
  • How high will the material be lifted?
  • How far will the material travel and for how long?
  • How many times per hour will the material handling equipment perform these tasks?

List your process:

All warehouse equipment are classified according to the intensity of the load and the number of cycles the equipment completes in a given period of time. A material movement equipment’s classification will range from infrequent service to continuous severe service. Determining your duty classification is essential when selecting lifting equipment so you get a product that will meet the needs specific to your facility.

Use the data you collected on the previous page and list the process you required in your warehouse.

Find the various option of lifting equipment:

A variety of technological advancements can be added to your warehousing equipment to increase safety and productivity.

Smart Features: Add-on features work together or individually to improve safety, cycle time
and load positioning. Most add-on assist the operator in controlling the crane by performing certain repetitive actions or compensating for misalignment and erratic movements.

Smart Features improve precision and accuracy when handling a load and can reduce the risk of impact with personnel or equipment. Additionally, smooth operation generally slows wear and tear on the goods.

Decide on Forks of the equipment

For optimal performance, Forks need to fit the pallet correctly. Imperfect attachment and load pairings can cause dangerous, not to mention expensive, errors. For example, when lifting equipment, an operator must select forks and pallets according to the weight of the load. If the operator chooses the wrong fork and pallet, the load is far more likely to slip and fall, putting workers at risk and halting productivity.

Match your pallets and forks attachment to the load you’re lifting.

Look beyond the equipment:

When considering lifting equipment for your warehouse, what’s not on the material handling equipment matters too. An effective preventive maintenance and parts program can significantly address potential maintenance and safety issues before they become critical and threaten employee safety, productivity and revenue. It also can have a positive impact on the performance and reliability of the material handling equipment.

To minimize downtime, ask these questions in relation to servicing your material handling equipment:

SERVICEABILITY How complicated is it to service the material handling equipment you’re
looking at? How long do component changes typically take?

SPARE PARTS How easy is it to procure and store spare parts for the equipment you choose?

INSPECTIONS Are inspections based on applicable regulations? Are inspectors and technicians trained, and where applicable?

MAINTENANCE Is routine maintenance performed at regularly scheduled intervals? Is the maintenance plan customized to your operation? Are risk assessments made to document component conditions, assess risks and provide recommendations for improvement?

CONSULTATION Are service visits reviewed with you? Do you get a thorough annual review of all maintenance activities?

DOCUMENTATION Are your maintenance records, service history and other important maintenance information available online?

TRAINING What type of training can your operators receive? Will your employees have to travel for training, or is on-site training an option?

Welcome to CUMI Direct – Material Handling Equipment

Welcome to CUMI Direct – Material Handling Equipment

CUMI Direct

CUMI Direct is one of the largest and most exclusive supplier of material handling equipment and solutions  in India. Our long-term commitment is to develop and provide environmental, economical & efficient materials handling solutions, which respect present and future energy needs for Indian customers. We strive to establish close relations with our customers in order to better respond their needs.

Why Material Handling Equipment:

In Manufacturing, Distributing, Consumption, and Disposal industries needs their materials to move, store, control and protect. Material Handling Equipment helps to move the equipment from one location to another location in an efficient manner at minimum cost.

Our Products:

CUMI Direct constantly improves the products to meet growing increasingly labour market, We have more models of material handling equipment, the main products:

Hand Pallet truck, Electric Pallet truck, High Lift Pallet Truck, Scale Pallet Truck, Battery Operated Pallet Truck, Hand Stacker, Electric Hydraulic Stacker, Semi Electric Hydraulic Stacker, Tail Lift, Forklift, Hydraulic Scissor Lift table, Hydraulic Dock Leveler, Hydraulic Movable Dock Ramp, Drum Palletizer, Drum Lifter Trolley, Shopping trolley, Hand Cart, Plastic Pallet, Castor Wheel and so on.

CUMI Lift – Material Handling Equipment:

The products has been supplied more than 10,000 companies in India. The sales and post sales network cover the entire India.  CUMI Direct aims to add more products in this segment.

CUMI Lift brand enjoy high reputation in the internal market. Our company aims to meeting customer’s needs, together with all our staff, contributes our all to improving logistics industry efficiency with the responsibility of creating your benefits by using our products. 

Customized Material Handling Equipment

As a leading Material handling industry in India, we build you the customized machines that helps you to lead with competitors. Our customized material helps across a wide variety of industries. We guarantee that your custom machine will operate correctly and safely. We have high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of your industry with our innovative solutions.

Cumi has the engineering and support services to customize the material handling equipment’s to specific applications. Contact us for customization of Material Handling Systems for your needs.