Chop Saw Cut Off Saw CCM 355 E (Professional)

Rs. 13900

Rs. 8605

Cutting Machine is a tool that is used to cut material from the workpiece by means of shear deformation. Cutting may be accomplished by single-point or multipoint tools.

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Products CCM 355 P/CCM 355 E
Operating Voltage 230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz
Power Input 2000 Watts/2300 Watts
Speed (No Load) 3500 rpm/3500 rpm
Diameter of Wheel 355 mm/355 mm
Bore Diameter 25.4 mm/25.4 mm
- Bar Steel 20 mm/25 mm
-Pipe 100 mm /100 mm
- Shaped Steel 95x110 mm/95x110 mm
Size of Base Plate 470x280 mm/470x280 mm
Weight 16.5 kg/16.5 kg