Tile Cutter 110mm (CTC 110 PLUS)

Rs. 3750

Rs. 2550

Tile cutter tool specifically designed for cutting ceramic tiles, although it can sometimes cut other materials such as glass. 6 Month Warranty, Free Shipping

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Products CTC 110 Plus/CTC 4-12/CTC 125 SG/CTC 125 BT/CTC 150
Operating Voltage 230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz
Power Input 1050 Watts/1250 Watts/1350 Watts/1350 Watts/1050 Watts
Speed (No Load) 12000 rpm/12500 rpm/12000 rpm/12000 rpm/7500 rpm
Diameter of Blade 110 mm/110 mm/125 mm/125 mm/150 mm
Bore Diameter 20 mm/20 mm/20 mm/20 mm/20 mm
Cutting Depth 34 mm/34 mm/38 mm/38 mm/42 mm
Weight 2.8 kg/2.8 kg/2.9 kg/2.9 kg/3.1 kg

Used for cutting most types of flat stone and marble.
Uses a diamond carbide blade that grinds rather than saws the tile for a clean cut while being cooled with water
Wet/dry blades allow dry cutting and are usually smaller.