Wood Planer 1 mm (CPH 082)

Rs. 5350

Rs. 3895

Wood planer is a woodworking machine to trim boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length and flat on both surfaces.

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Products CWP 505/CPH 082
Operating Voltage 230V 50Hz/230V 50Hz
Power Input 355 Watts/600 Watts
Speed (No Load) 17000 rpm/15000 rpm
Planing Width 50 mm/82 mm
Adjustable depth 0 - 0.5 mm/0- 1 mm
Base Length 190 mm/283 mm
Weight 1.9kg/2.7 kg


CUMI Wood Planer is a very pretty and trendy wood - planner that polishes and smoothness the rough and harsh wood- surface. It has a metallic base that is flat and sharp. It is fit for rubbing and gliding on wood surface for making it plain and glossy, fit for household use. It looks sporty and trendy in blue and black plastic exterior. 


The CUMI Mini Wood Planer performs so well, that while being used on the wood, it not just brings shine and smoothness to the rough and dull wooden plant but also brings back the original and bright colour of the wood which is appreciated and admired by many.


The design of the object is inspired keeping international trends and preferences in mind. A harsh and rough piece of wood can be easily and conveniently smoothness using this technologically advanced object. It is an effective and long lasting equipment.