Metabo Magnetic Core Drill MAG 32

V Block magnetic base, particularly suited for processing pipes from Ø 90. Durable two-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication for ideal speed

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Products MAG 32/MAG 50/B 32/3
Torque 50 Nm/50 Nm/190/120/90 Nm
Power Input 1000 Watts/450 Watts/1800 Watts
Speed (No Load) 700 rpm/100-450rpm/(170/320/470 rpm)
Drill diameter in
Core drill 32 mm/50mm/100mm
Spiral drill 13 mm/20mm/32mm
Max.Drill depth 50 mm50mm/65 mm
Weight 11 kg/13kg/7.5kg

  • Highest safety at work thanks to permanent magnet, no accidental deactivation of the magnet is possible
  • Large stroke, therefore suitable for use of core drills, spiral drills and countersinks
  • Adjustable magnetic holding force for easy positioning on vertical surfaces
  • Overload protection: protects the motor from overheating
  • Integrated coolant container for easy to dose internal cooling of the core drill
  • Magnetic base with high holding power permits working on vertical surfaces and overhead
  • Spare battery pack always handy thanks to storage on drill stand