Battery Operated Pallet Truck

Battery Operated Pallet Truck
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Battery Operated Hand Pallet Truck offers prompt loading and transporting capabilities using a compact design mechanism that allows for easy maneuvers within the narrow confined space. i.e., small warehouses, factories and retail store.


  • ‘Power Boost’  to handle small obstacles
  • Side restraints and spring loaded platform
  • Li-on battery available
  • Compact truck design

Our Battery Power Pallet Truck is powerful and fast emphasizing ease of use and safety, offering a variety of uses for material handling applications including shops and warehouses. When it comes to chilled environments, our Material Handling Equipment models ensure a hundred percent efficiency and effectiveness.

Material handling applications

Battery Operated Pallet Truck provides suitability to all kinds of material handling applications of higher demanding  performance and transport.

Ideal for confined areas

Our Pallet Truck is defined as an ideal candidate for material handling applications such as loading and unloading within confined areas.

Model   EPT 2.0 EPT 2.5
Capacity Q kgs 2000 2500
Load Center C (Q, mm) 600
Front Wheel Size mm 80 * 70
Rear Wheel Size mm 130 * 55
Traction Wheel mm 250*80
Max Lifting Height mm 200
Fork.Clearance From Ground mm 85
Fork Dimensions (L, mm) 1200*160*60
Total Lenght (L2, L3mm) 1990, 2320
Total Width (B, mm) 815
Fork Overall Width (B1, mm) 550 / 680
Truning Radius (Open Pedal) (R1, R2mm) 1850, 2150
Lifting Time s 3
Trunk Weight (Without Battery) kg 650, 670
Battery Volts/Ampere V/A 2V*12 / 210AH
Battery Charger   AC220V/50HZ / DC24V/40A


Why to choose Battery Operated Pallet truck?

The need of Battery operated Pallet Trucks is decided by productivity and volume and the product. The product of CUM Battery operated Pallet Truck is an ideal candidate which provides the capacity of replacing 7 – 10 Hand Pallet trucks.  It not only does reduce human labor but also enhance efficiency, thus reduces cluttering and throughput.

How do I feel confident of CUMI Lift Battery operated pallet trucks?

On selecting the right forklift meeting your job requirements, particular warehouse  and storage environment,  it is ideal talking to our experienced forklift and materials handling equipment expert who enquires about your workflow and warehouse through a set of questions towards finalizing the pallet trucks that best meet your warehouse needs.

I wish to use the truck mainly indoors what fuel source should I use?

In order to decide as to which fuel source should to use is purely determined by the amount of air that circulates or changes within the warehouse. In case of uncertainly, the next best option is electric or Battery operated pallet truck is the best option.

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