CUMI LIFT - General Overview

Why CUMI Lift?


There are many reasons why one should choose CUMI Lift. Came to inception in the year 2005, CUMI was focused in catering to the demands of growing Indian markets, especially to segments of materials handling industry. It’s going to be two decades now and CUMI Lift has an assortment of Material Handling Equipment with different models, configurations, and product specifications. Today it has earned a significant name in the Material Handling Market in INDIA, with the fast growing network in the whole of Indian market.

CUMI’s conviction to being a leading supplier of material handling equipment comes from its best efforts to provide utmost satisfaction and quality at competitive prices to its customers. The hydraulic equipment, Lift tables, hand trucks are the best quality products which can satisfy the bulk material handling requirements of various industries like Auto OEMs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, warehouse & logistics, textiles, sugar, steel, food processing, engineering, paper and packing. The extraordinary

CUMI Lift has a huge list of clientele, across different parts of India. CUMI Lift is most preferred by its clients for many reasons. Some of the prominent ones being

  • CUMI has a multitude of products that allows various multi tasking
  • A service network that is actively working to assist in sales
  • Its products are very functional, covering to most of clients requirements including Loading, Unloading, Shifting, Stacking, or Transporting

CUMI Lift’s Products:

On a broader level, CUMI’s Material Handling Equipment are as follows:

The following are the list of CUMI Lift’s products that speaks for itself. Let’s look into each of them in detail.

Pallet Truck:

Pallet Truck

CUMI Lift’s Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks are completely customizable to meet your workplace demands. It has two kinds of Pallet Trucks - Hydralic Hand Pallet Truck and Full Electric Pallet Truck. Powerful and economical, both these types are built with heavy duty components and are maintenance free. They feature load capacities, pump unit with super large piston and various fork sizes that are adopted to suite various applications of material handling, resulting in improved handling performance.

Hydraulic Stacker:

Hydraulic Reach Stacker

CUMI Lift’s Hydraulic Stackers meet with perfection and functionality. They are acclaimed for their highly enduring strength, durability, perfect dimensions, corrosion resistance and ideal finish. Above all, it meets the international quality standards and is a result of various checks and tests.

Semi Electric Stacker:

Semi Electric Reach Stacker

Coming across a quality product that does a clean job when it comes to transporting products inside/out of your warehouse facility is a difficult job. CUMI Lift’s Semi Electric Stacker is the fitting one as it ensures safety and timeliness when it comes to both product delivery and storage. It imparts speed, control and efficiency to help fulfil these fundamental expectations.

Full Electric Stacker:

Full Electric Reach Stacker

Designed for stacking pallets on trucks and transporting goods in-house, CUMI Lift's Full Electric Stacker with heavy duty design for tough application and is built on imported electric control system and hydraulic unit for utmost performance. Making it more efficient is its low noise, no pollution, and high reliability.


Forklift in INDIA

The machine that works the longest in any workhouse is without doubt, the Forklift. CUMI Lift has invested time and effort in creating two varieties of Forklifts. One is Diesel Forklift and the other is Battery Operated Forklift. They expel greater performance, ergonomics and high level of safety.

Drum Equipment:

Drum Lifting and Moving Equipment

Ergonomically designed, CUMI’s Drum Moving Equipment does everything when it comes to handling of drums. They are three in number, Drum Movers, Drum Tilters, and Drum Palletizers. The Drum Movers move and unload heavy 35 or 55 gallon steel drums with ease and rolls them easily and quietly. On the other hand, the Drum Tilters sport a unique design for lifting, rotating or stacking drum.

Tail Lift:

Tail Lift for Truck

Steel Tail Lift and Aluminium Tail Lift are the two varieties of Tail Lift from CUMI. This helps in loading heavy items on to a vehicle, or to bridge the difference in height between a loading dock and the vehicle load bed. They are easily installable and fast in action.

Dock Ramp:

Ramp for Warehouse Dock

CUMI’s Dock Ramps are further divided into Movable Dock Ramp and Hydraulic Dock Ramp. One of a very special accessory equipments, they are smart enough to realize rapid loading and unloading of goods and does their job efficiently.


CUMI Lift’s complete customer Material Handling Equipment service has always been an attraction by our newest and older clients. One can feel assured in using CUMI’s range of products because of the service we offer. For instance, we provide a Six Month warranty for the key components of our semi & full electric stackers, forklifts products.

Outstanding Features of CUMI Lift’s Material Handling Equipments that make them worth buying

There is something in CUMI’s products that is not found in many. Warehouse owners throng to it because of the three main following reasons:

  • They come with 6 Month warranty
  • They provide nation-wide free delivery, all through the year
  • They render the best-ever service network, which is not found in many other competitors. 

Want one of our Equipment?

From all above pointers, we are sure you have got a general view of CUMI Lift Material Handling Equipment. Are you ready to buy our product?

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