Forklift vs Stackers in your warehouse - A Study

Handling a Warehouse is not an effortless task. A lot of powerful and durable material handling machines of different sizes should pitch in such a place that engages dealing with Material Handling. There are a number of brands available in the market – all that is needed before making a deal is be firm with the type of equipment you would need that best fits your requirement. 

The main ones that you can pick for is a Forklift and a Stacker. Though both of them apply to do the same job of lifting and moving goods in and around a warehouse, they vary in some requisites. With an assortment of lifting equipment available, it is difficult to ascertain which one exactly your company might need – whether a Stacker or a Forklift? Both these are dependable and steadfast pieces of equipment which helps in making your job easier. But both these have their own set of pros and cons. This blog aims to weigh Stacker and Forklifts and ponders on which one comes out on top.

Stacker versus Forklifts

Small-Scale Operation with Lightweight Materials

For a small space operation and for operation of lightweight materials, a Stacker could be a money-making timely help. Most affordable of the category, the stacker can be within your means, something that demands little maintenance. It can also offer an unexpected manoeuvrability on site. But the stacker has some limitations. Subtle and less vigorous, it lacks the adaptability and control of the massive forklift. A warehouse with heavier materials has to be placed on high racks, which makes way for the Forklift. The best from the pack, this could be the only machine that you could easily rely on such circumstances.


Let’s consider the storage factor the next. The Stacker doesn’t require more space when it comes to storage. The Forklift on the other hand takes much more space because of its battery and fuel. Because of their small and compact making, the Stacker can be best fitting for your small warehouses, where transporting of small amount of weights is involved. Though Stacker are comfortable in moving and storing goods up to specific locations, they can even try to handle goods of all kinds across long distances. Whatever be the situation, the forklifts can do the operations more professionally and more agile, but on a higher cost. A forklift if thus an expensive way out! But if you want for greater performance, then the latter is the valuable investment.


When it comes to versatility, it is none other than the Forklift. Rugged and stable, they are incredible when it comes to placing loads on far above the ground locations. This adds to more floor space to meddle with other things. 

Stacker – a holistic view


Stackers though do not look like one, provides immense benefits in any warehouse. Avaiable as Manual Hydraulic Stacker, Semi Electric Stacker and Fully Electric operated Stacker. Some of the advantages are summed up below;

  • A single stacker can transport loads up to a large 5000kg
  • They come packed with durability which proves the fact that they are durable enough to find place in any warehouse 
  • They can be easily functioned by a single person, which proves the fact that they are easy to manoeuvre
  • The polyurethane tires comes a long way
  • Making transportation easier is the electric stacker category
  • They are highly cost efficient


  • They lack enormous lifting power compared to its counterparts
  • They have some limitations when it comes to transporting goods to a longer distance

Forklift and its Pros and Cons


  • They can lift heavier objects than other counterparts. Lifting bulk bags and drums gets done in a breeze 
  • The forklifts can be adjoined with a platform to even lift workers 
  • They are mostly electric in nature, which double their power 


  • Forklifts deserve more space when it comes to storage. 
  • These power horses entail more maintenance than a Stacker

Which is better? 

Choosing the right one of the two vests on how busy is your workspace and the kind of business you indulge in. The main concern is the total number of equipment that you would use on an average and the total weight you move across for storage. Calculate these factors and arrive at a conclusion on which equipment is the most cost-effective one. Both these Material Handling Equipment have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. What best matters is the way one adopts to choose which one is suitable for you. All the best to pick your choice… If you may encounter any issues in grabbing the finest one, our team can be of help. You can even visit our website and browse through our products to fish out the best one.