All set to grow - Material Handling Equipment for Industries in 2018

It is definitely not an easy task to store and manage bulk of manufactured products easily! What calls in for are proper planning, careful handling and arrangement of materials within the warehouse. It’s here the product manufacturing industries find the need for a range of Material Handling equipment including pallet rack, shelving, conveyor that provide perfect solutions to meet the storage requirements.

According to a well stated definition, Material handling is nothing but

“the movement, storage, control and protection of goods and products from manufacturing to the distribution”!

In short, it is a process that any vendor or manufacturer deals with.

Having said the above, the need for Material Handling Equipment for Industries has been huge off late! The global industry’s giant leap and the predicted growth in automotive sectors substantiate the take-off material handling equipment have taken and that they will prolong to post superior returns.If the soothsayers’ predictions seem true, and as per the report published by Global Market Insights, it is completely impossible for the industries to achieve their target in the competitive year 2018, without these Material Handling Equipment! 

One further belief is that the steady rise in automation capabilities in the manufacturing sphere will provide boost to the material handling equipment market size. It is a known fact that automation aids in reducing costs by delivering high-quality products. It shuns out the need for manpower to check-in, separate goods, or to transport bins and totes that contains materials. Hence these automated systems increases an operation’s needs and drive by reducing or nullifying errors, doubling pick rates, increasing throughput and by declining the labour costs.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at some of the key advantages of using material handling equipment:

  • Forget the mess involved in arrangement of products according to their classification numbers – with Material handling equipment, the warehouse operator can easily locate the products that are in demand and manage the demand and supply of the product accordingly.
  • Maximizing the storage capacity is made easy with the adjustment system found in the pallet racking system as per the convenience of its users.
  • Fret not to transport heavy or bulky materials - Conveyors, an effective material handling equipment take charge of it

A yet another reason why Material Handling Equipments gain an upper hand is because it is in total contrast to the Manual handling of Containers which may expose workers to harsh corporeal conditions including awkward postures, monotonous motions and extreme force, which can result in injuries, and waste of time and energy! To evade these issues, a wiser decision will be to changing the workplace by ‘improving the fit’, which will benefit the workplace by some or many of the following ways:

  • Nullifying or averting injuries and mishappenings (injury at the back, shoulders, wrist, hands or in short, musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs)
  • Helps reducing manual exertions of workers’ and physical risk factors (due to lifting, pushing, pulling and handling materials)
  • Dip in the risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders developed due to awkward postures, from reaching into containers
  • Results in doubled productivity, quality, and worker morale
  • Lessens bottlenecks arising during production, unwanted rejects, excessive, worker turnover, absenteeism, and retraining

That is not all! If you have made up your mind to go for the Material Handling equipment, then follow these quick guidelines that will help you judge better

  • First get to know your load and buy equipment appropriately.
  • Fine pick on your equipments that is suitable for the material(s) being handled, and that which suits the layout and design of your workplace.
  • Always go in for the powered equipment over the non-powered!
  • Remember to select equipment with vertical handles, which will help workers’ hands be on the power zone.

But remember, it’s not only about doing, but it’s about doing it well.  A company should effectively execute material handling properly – if done this way, it can surely ensure better safety for goods and workers, reduce the loads of time spent on handling products, magnify the work flow, which will ultimately increase in the efficiency and save a lot of time and money.

One more watch word is that Material Handling requires a system of order! Exactly similar to an engine that runs off gears, belts, and pistons, this has its own parts and pieces, which has to work in line with the engine to keep it running. Also remember that the type of equipment you need should co relate with what type of material handling you’re dealing with.  While there are automated Material Handling systems that get executed on conveyor belts, lifts, there are also more traditional equipments including Forklifts, Dock Ramps, Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Battery Operated Pallet truck, Scissor Lift, Drum Lifting Equipment, Storage Rack, Boom Lifts, Aerial Work Platforms, etc. Come what may, whatever you may use, it’s vital that proper safety standards are followed. Because when handled poorly, these material handling can turn into a dangerous one.

So don’t look back! These Material Handling equipments can be a perfect foreground to skyrocket your next year’s revenue – make the most use of it now – more than a trend, they are a necessity these days.