Pallets for Warehouse and usage

Pallet has been and continues to be an indefinite partner concerning Warehouse. Without doubt, it continues to rule the show. It is synonymous for performance, productivity, efficiency and output. A must-needed Material Handling Equipment, this has many names in its kitty. This is used in virtually any situation where goods need to be moved in warehouse. 

The pallet completely protects the person operating it from incurring any physical injury due to exertion. They make transit easier, helps in loading and unloading, and build an efficient storage system in your warehouse. These pallets are driven by various factors - one among them is material handling system. 

Don’t you feel that an efficient material handling system should become a musketeer of logistics handling with its exceptional features? Yes, this particular product of CUMI Direct, Pallet befits this criterion. This blog aims to brief about this product of ours, which is made up of plastic, and is ideal for use for a range of services; from ground level usage to transporting a load. One more highlight, pallets are very simple to use.

Made of Plastic? How are these Pallets useful?

This Plastic pallets has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them separately. There are so many ways in which this Material Handling product would help. Some of them are,

It shows no interruption when it comes to delivery due to timber pallet regulations

  • Absolutely safe to hold and has no splinters, screws nails, and chipping
  • They are 100 % recyclable, which in any case can be turned back into a new pallet
  • They come a long way, durable for up to 10 years
  • These pallets show resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis
  • Picking up the pallets easy with the forklifts that have a four way entry plastic pallets
  • Easy to maintain to remove bacteria from it
  • Proves to be usable in all climate conditions
  • They offer increased protection when it comes to ensuring items that will not meet with damage during transportation
  • Lighter than wood pallets, hence doesn’t burn a whole in your pockets when shipping
  • They are space savers – can be easily heaped one on top to stack and store


Let us now understand what the hitch in this pallet variety is:

  • Made of plastic, any repair in case of cracks or breaks can be tiresome
  • Unlike the wooden counterparts, they are more expensive 

Plastic pallet over the wooden counterparts

It is always necessary to look for which type of Pallet you would exactly find essential for your business. In reality you can look for both plastic and wooden for your warehouse. Though plastic pallets are seen as more expensive than wood pallets, the additional cost they encompass can get compensated when it comes to keeping your product well ventilated and protected from chemicals and bacteria. Some of the palletized products might need hygienic and ventilation.

How Much Can a Plastic Pallet Hold Exactly?

These plastic pallets are designed to hold most grocery and produce packaged. It is important to note that when in motion, the dynamic load can easily exceed the weight limit. As a result, a wooden pallet can break easily. The same is the case when one is trying to manually move the product onto a new pallet. But that’s not the case with plastic pallets.

CUMI Direct’s plastic pallet can hold more than enough weight to safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively which helps your products get to the market safely. Surprising, yet the truth is that these stronger-than-wood pallets can hold up to 2,800 pounds. This load capacity comes handy when it comes to arranging beverage, food and pharmaceutical products.

CUMI Direct’s Plastic Pallets are great for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

CUMI Plastic Pallet – a quick brief

A decade of revolution in Material Handling Equipments has made by CUMI Lift remove the inefficiencies existing in the logistics field. Since its existence, it has been manufacturing products for warehouses allowing it to store greater volumes of products in the given less space and to transport those goods more quickly. In order to meet a comfortable handling solution, ergonomic plastic pallets ensure contoured construction with improved workplace safety and reduced, costs quality, and they are free of rust, splinters and nails.

We have a variety of them: WT, WH, WS, WJ


  • 1100 x1100 x150 mm
  • 1200 x1000 x150 mm
  • 1200 x1200 x150 mm


  • Cost effective solution to shop-floor handling storage
  • One-stop shop for all logistics systems
  • Custom-made solutions to material Handling Equipment
  • Steel reinforcement bars to handle heavy loads

Coming a long way, these plastic pallets are made out of high quality material and has undergone rigorous test for hygienic compliance. Moulded in a single piece, they help easy cleaning, reliable dimensions and outstanding performance ratio. In addition, they offer low maintenance and stability and are designed to stand the test of time.

High standards of quality – they come with low damage rate, durability, efficiency thus reducing costs. Are reusable, pure, and hygienic compliance-tested

Alternative to wood pallet – a fitting alternative to wood pallet because of its lightweight and durability

Easily handling wet environment – best suits food storage practice. No protruding nails which ensures no injuries to workers

Economic – economic and highly functional

Exceptionally versatile, this equipment is adaptable to a variety of workspace conditions, leading to outstanding performance. Reach out to us in case of any query – our team of experts are waiting to assist you.