Unlock the next level of productivity with Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hand Lift Pallet trucks

Logistics industries plays a key role in the global economy, logistics’ growth is driven by various factors and the main one being material handling system. A robust material handling system is a logistics nervous system for operations with its outstanding features. Falling in line with these is the Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hand Lift Pallet Truck, which is not more than twenty centimetres long and is suited for usage at ground level, to transport a load on a pallet. Simple to use, they can be either of a manual hand pallet truck, battery operated pallet truck, electric pallet truck types and are friendlier to use in transportation, wholesale, food processing or retail trade sectors!

Known news that has very much exploded in the warehouse industry is that these pallet trucks can help to have a streamlined business with more efficient processes, increasing the productivity and doubling the profit level! Investing on this wise equipment is sure to strengthen the processes, and skyrockets your business outcome.

Considering the fact that businesses these days come wrapped with an immense level of pressure, they concentrate on doubling productivity of man hours. This has resulted in the idea to invest on a good quality pallet. Built to hold and transport eventually more than a manual worker could do, the pallet trucks can easily help carry and shift up to 5000kg of weight. There can be no other easy and simple way to transporting such huge bulk volumes of stock in any industry, than the use of a pallet truck! They can result great in an environment with streamlined workforce filled with smoother processes.

There are many ways in which these Pallet Trucks can increase the productivity. Some of the prominent ones are;

1. Reduces cost to the employer and fosters a safe and hassle free workspace to the employee

To meet productivity goals in today’s fast-paced world, employees are made to feel the pressure that breaks their back! Employees get mad when met with throughput-based incentives and order fulfilment deadlines, which make them forget safe operating procedures. Worldwide surveys and studies confirm that nearly $170 billion per year is spent to meet with occupational injuries and illnesses of employees. Remember, these come from the company profits! In spite of workspaces being furnished with safety and health management systems, these accidents happen. Introducing pallet trucks has reduced the injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent. The safety associated with them is sure not to cause any injury or damage to your workspace. Though the pallet truck doesn’t require any license test to operate it, still employees should be made aware of the safety instructions before operating it.

2. A real time saver

Versatile and user-friendly, the pallet trucks are real time savers at workstations. Few years back, it took almost 72 hours to unpack a Container. But today with the help of pallet trucks, the same task can be done within 4 hours of time. Similarly in any warehouse or workstations a simple manual work including shifting and organizing takes in a lot of time. But choosing a right pallet truck that is of high-quality helps with almost all material handlings! Heavy goods are efficiently moved and organised. Suitable for both b2b and business to consumer organisations, these pallet trucks help stocking large amounts to be stocked not only easily, but quickly and safely. Goods get transported from one place to another diligently, without any waste of time. The everyday routine tasks are done with no time loss, thus improving productivity.

3. A very low maintenance cost

Off the other material handling equipments, the Pallet trucks are the lowly maintained ones. Their robust strong and steel constructed body with rust-preventable powder coating gives them durability and a life without repair. The ranges of design details they come up with are more advantageous. Their ergonomic design adds to the ease of day-to-day operations, which has a positive effect on productivity.

4. No training costs

This is yet another boon to the business! Unlike other material handling equipments like forklift trucks, pallet trucks doesn’t call for any special licence nor formal training to handle. Anyone can operate it with ease of use. However this is a little dangerous equipment as it is made of steel and quite heavy too! Therefore, a handler can cause great damage and injury while operating, more importantly when the load on it is hundred kilograms. Come what may, following the basic safety guidelines is more than sufficient for its operation.

5. Increased productivity

The pallet trucks are one of the most easily manoeuvrable, high-capacity built devices available on the market. Recently designed ones come with tight turning radius and new battery pack improvements that offer accurate power control even in space constrained places and fast response to operating commands.

6. Ensures workers safety

Workers indulged in lifting heavy objects are susceptible to common back pains. The repetitive tasks in labor make them vulnerable to health issues, which is an employer’s duty to adhere to. The pallet truck helps the workers be in top shape always. It is such an ergonomic tool that helps any worker help lift and transport objects contentedly.

CUMI Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hand Lift  Pallet Truck – a quick brief

CUMI Lift's Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hand Lift Pallet Truck is customizable, perfectly designed to meet your workplace demands. Engineered with heavy duty steel construction, different load capacities, a pump unit with super large piston and different fork sizes that are adopted to suite various applications of material handling, this power horse results in improved handling performance.

It has an oil pump body which is welded together with prefabricated parts. The high-pressure relief valve prevents overloading. Ideally Cumi Pallet Truck is designed:

-       To deliver long-lasting performance

-       For ease of use

-       For low rolling resistance

Cumi Pallet Truck comes with robust lifting capability of 500 Kgs / 2500 Kgs / 3000 Kgs / 5000 Kgs! Exceptionally versatile, this equipment is adaptable to a variety of workspace conditions, leading to outstanding performance. Reach out to us in case of any query, we are waiting to assist you!