Why a Pallet Truck for your warehouse?

Pallet Truck

Next in line with the mighty forklift, it’s the pallet truck that rules the show in any warehouse! It is synonymous for performance, productivity, efficiency and output! A must-needed Material Handling Equipment, this has many names in its kitty. Referred to as a pallet jack, heavy duty hydraulic pallet truck or a pallet pump, this is used in virtually any situation where pallets need to be moved. In simple words, it is a machine that lifts heavy loads with minimal effort. While doing so, the pallet trucks completely protect the person operating it from incurring any physical injury due to exertion.

How is it useful?

Pallet trucks can be ideally used for low level case picking, automotive parts stores, product line – load and takeoff, production work in process, long distance horizontal travel etc., Though pallet jacks and trucks are the basic equipments, they can be customized too. They also come with a range of load capacities and different fork lengths, catering to your varied warehouse needs and operations.

How to choose a right Pallet Jack – Fret not, we will help!

If you agree that the usefulness of these workhorses is undeniable and if you have made up your mind to go for this, then these following points will help you pick the right one;

-       Firstly identify what kind of product you’ll primarily be moving. This simply means whether you need a freeze resistant pallet truck, a spark resistant truck, or a corrosion resistant pallet truck? What sensitive chemicals or highly inflammable material require may not be what a frozen food would require! It might need a different kind of a machinery altogether. Remember to never evade this thought from your mind when you are buying one - your pallet jack should be up to the challenge to hold up itself to the harsh environments! 

-       Next determine on your budget. Whether it is a used pallet truck, or manual pallet truck, or is it an electric jigger that you want! While used pallet jacks can save up to 50% off the cost of newer model, the new manual pallet jack will be the most economical option with hand powered options. And if you are meddling with heaviest loads, you would without doubt want a new electric pallet jack which comes powered by motors for easy control and comfortable lifting and transporting 

-       Lastly check for the space you have! Make sure either side of the forks leave you with a 1” minimum gap. To handle those contracted aisles and longer loads, the Sidewinder Pallet Jack which comes with features including a rotatable handle, double set of right/left rollers to help you move back and forth safely, without damaging. 

Pallet Truck kinds and their uses

The first category is the pallet truck itself, which is also called as pallet jack, pallet pump, pump truck, dog or jigger; and the second is a manual Jack and a powered jack. While the former requires manual interference, the latter is usually charged electrically, with no human force requirements to handle the pallets. But remember, depending on the weight to be lifted, you either need a bigger or smaller pallet truck. 

 Both these kinds of Manual Pallet trucks and Electrical Pallet Trucks are used in bigger facilities. Ideally, a pallet truck can move loads from 500kg to 2000kg. Picking the right one for your warehouse can result in the following ways:

-       Minimises downtimes

-       Prevents injuries by safely moving goods

Pallet trucks can be further classified into a Walk-behind and a Rider. The Walkies are opted for materials handling, and can be either manual or powered, making it ideal to be used dock work that involves loading and unloading trailers at short distances. On the other hand, Riders are meant for higher speeds and longer distance. They have an operator standing on a platform and directing the truck with a handle or tiller. Surprising fact is the riders boast a load capacity between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds.

“Steer ahead” with CUMI Pallet Truck – a quick brief

CUMI Lift is a Pallet Truck that is customizable, perfectly designed to meet your workplace demands. Engineered with heavy duty steel construction, different load capacities, a pump unit with super large piston and different fork sizes that are adopted to suite various applications of material handling, this power horse results in improved handling performance.

 It has an oil pump body which is welded together with prefabricated parts. The high-pressure relief valve prevents overloading. Ideally Cumi Pallet Truck is designed:

-       To deliver long-lasting performance

-       For ease of use

-       For low rolling resistance

Cumi Pallet Truck comes with robust lifting capability of 500 Kgs / 2500 Kgs / 3000 Kgs / 5000 Kgs! Exceptionally versatile, this equipment is adaptable to a variety of workspace conditions, leading to outstanding performance.

Put in shortly, there are many Pallet Trucks that flood the market, but the cue is to take your time to navigate through the choices in order to get the right one that suits your needs the best. Remember, it’s always the “right truck that does the right job”!