CUMI Blower 2.8 m3/min with Variable Speed - CB1 500V

Blower 2.8 m3/min with Variable Speed CB1 500V
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Blower 2.8 m3/min with Variable Speed CB1 500V

Blower 2.8 m3/min with Variable Speed CB1 500V

Products CB1 500 V
Operating Voltage 230V 50Hz
Power Input 500 Watts
Speed (No Load) 0-16000 rpm
Air Flow 2.8 m3/min
Variable Speed Yes
Dust Bag Yes
Weight 1.8 kg

Standard Accessories:

Dust Bag


Genearl Instructions


  • In presence of ammable liquids or gases
  • To the rain
  • In damp or wet locations.
  • If switch does not run ON and OFF
  • Solvents such as Thinner, Gasolite, Benzene, Alcohol, Ammonia, etc.

2. USE:

  • Proper voltage power, source, according to the specication.
  • Extension Cords which are intended for outdoors, during outdoor use.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Protective hair covering.
  • Wear rubber hand glouse.
  • Wear Non-skid rubber footwear.


  • Power switch is in OFF position, prior to operation.
  • The motor winding does not become damaged / wet with oil or water.
  • Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure they are properly tightened.
  • Alignment of moving parts.
  • Binding of moving parts.
  • Breakage of mounting.
  • The carbon Brush wear limit.

1. Never Carry tool by cord.
2. Blower should be stored in cool and dry area.
3. Inspect tool cords / extension cords periodically.
4. Do not touch movable parts or accessories, unless the Power source has been disconnected.
5. Disconnect tools when serving and changing accessories.
6. Keep children away, during operation


Mounting & Dismounting the Nozzle and Dust Bag

1.Mounting the Nozzle at Blast Port

Insert the pin located inside the nozzle into the notch provided on the blast port, and fully turn the nozzle in the direction.

To dismount the nozzle, follow the above procedures in reverse.

2. When using the Blower for dust collection.

(1) Mounting the Dust Bag

                      Mount the dust bag on the port, following the same procedures described above for mounting of the nozzle.

(2) Mounting the Nozzle at Suction Port

                      Insert the Pin located on the inside of the nozzle into the notch provided on the suction port, and fully turn the nozzle in the direction. 


  • By pulling the trigger and pushing the stopper, the switch will remain in the 'ON' position even when trigger is released, promoting efcient, continuous operation. By pulling the trigger again, the stopper is disengaged and the switch is turned 'OFF' when the trigger is released.
  • An excessively large volume of dust in the dust bag will reduce the dust collecting efciency of the blower. Frequently empty the dust bag to ensure maximum dust collecting efciency.


  1. Beware of electric shock when cleaning welded parts. When cleaning the welds of a distribution panel etc., do not allow the blower to get close to the welded parts. Leave adequate room between the weld and blower. Be sure to use blower with the nozzle attached.
  2. Do not leave the blower 'ON'. It is dangerous to leave blower on the oor, etc., while it is ON, Be sure to switch OFF the power rst.
  3. Do not obstruct the air outlet and intake. If the air outlet or intake is obstructed, the motor speed will rise abnormally and the internal blades may get damage. The motor may also overheat and get damage.
  4. Never Obstruct air outlet and intake
  5. Prevent re and explosion. Never use the blower where there is liquor, paint, benzene, thinner, gasoline, or other ammable of explosive substances, Also, if a lit cigarettes butt is sucked into the blower it may cause internal damage or re, Therefore be careful not to let any lit cigarette butts sucked in.
  6. Avoid sources of heat. Avoid placing the blower near sources of high heat such as heaters, Doing so may cause discoloration or deformation.
  7. Have the blower regularly inspected when using it for sticky dust particles. If the blower is used to clean or blow sticky dust particles, have the blower regularly inspected by an authorised service agent.
  8. Adhesion of sticky particles that are sucked in may damage or break the blades.
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