CUMI 1500 Watts Demolition Hammer 11kg - CDH 011 (With FREE Chisel)

Demolition Hammer 11kg CDH 011
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Demolition Hammer 11kg CDH 011 | CUMI Power Tools

Demolition Hammer 11kg CDH 011

  • Model Code: CDH 011
  • Operating Voltage: 230 Volts 50 Hz
  • Power : 1500 W
  • Impact Rate: 900 - 1890 bpm
  • Impact energy per stock: 6025 J
  • Weight: 10.1 Kg
  • Chisel Positions: 12
  • Chieselling capacity in Concrete of medium Hardness: 490 kg/h
  • Tool Holder: SDS-max
  • Lubrication: Central Permanent Lubrication

Application Details

  • Chiselling on Concrete
  • Chiselling on Bricks
  • Chiselling on Stones (by the use of Appropriate Accessory)

Standard Accessories

  • Chisel
  • Side Handle

Usage Instructions


Operate your Demolition Hammer 11 kg (CDH 011) only with the auxiliary handle 7.

The auxiliary handle 7 can be to any position for a secure and low-fatigue working posture.

Loosen the knurled nut 8, rotate the auxiliary handle 7 around the axis of the demolition hammer to the required position and tighten the knurled nut 8 again.

The auxiliary handle 7 can be mounted to a different postion. For this, completely unscrew the knurled nut 8 and the pull out the hexagon bolt upward. Pull off the auxiliary handle 7 to the side and turn around the remaining clamping element by 180 degree. Mount the auxiliary handle 7 in reverse order.

Changing the Tool

Before any work on the Demolition Hammer itself, pull the mains plug.

With the SDS-max tool holder, simpler and eassier tool changing is possible without additional aids.

The dust protection cap 1 largely prevents the entry of drilling dust into the tool holder during operation. When inserting the tool, take care that the dust protection cap 1 is not damaged.

A damaged dust protection cap should be changed immediately. We recommend having this carried out by an after-sales service.

Inserting Chisel

Inserting: Clean and lightly grease the shank end of the tool. Insert the tool in a twisting manner into the tool holder until it latches itself. Check the latching by pulling the tool.

Removing Chisel
Removing: Push back the locking sleeve 2 and remove the tool.


Starting Operation

Observe correct main voltage!

The voltage of the power source must agree with the voltage specified on the type plate of the demolition hammer tool.

Switching On and Off

To start the demolition hammer, push On/Off switch 4 to the right.

To switch off if the demolition hammer tool, push On/Off switch to the left.

For low tempratures , the demolition hammer tool reaches the full impact rate only after a certain time.

This start-up time can be shortened by striking the chisel in the hammer tool against the floor on time.

Setting the Impact Rate

The electronic control enables stepless speed preselection in accordance with the material to be worked.

The constant electronic control keeps the preselected impact rate nearly constant between no-load and load conditions.

Select the impact rate with the dial control 5 according to the material.

The data in the following table are recommended values

Dial Control Position 5 Impact Rate (bpm)
1 1030
2 1180
3 1360
4 1540
5 1720
6 1900

Changing the Chiseling Position (Vario-lock)

The chisel can be locked 12 positions. In this manner, the optimum working position can be set for each appliction.

Insert chisel into the tool holder.

Push the chisel adjustment ring 3 forward and turn the chisel to the required position with the chisel adjustment ring 3.

Release the chisel adjustment ring 3 and turn the chisel unitil it latches.

Operating Instructions

Sharpening Chisels

Good result are only achieved with sharp chisels; therfore, sharpen the chiselling tools in good time. This ensures a long service life of the tools and good working performance.


Sharpen chiselling tools using grinding wheels (e.g.Ceramic bonded corundum wheel) with a steady supply of water. Reference valuses are shown in the figure. Take care that no annealing coloration appears on the cutting edges; this impairs the hardness of the chiseling tools.

For forging, heat the chisel to between 850 and 1050 degree Celcius (bright red to yellow).

For hardening, heat the chisel to approx.900 Degree Celcius and uench in oil. Then aneeal in an oven for approx. one hour at 320 Degree Celcius (annealing color = light blue).


CUMI Power Tools is manufactured by Carborundum Universal Limited, a market leader in abrasives for more than five decades. CUMI‘s foray into power tools is a reiteration of its commitment to provide customers with TOTAL SOLUTIONS. A combination of the right power tool, right spares, right accessories and prompt service. A combination, which is designed to empower the customer.

CUMI POWER TOOLS' product range caters to three distinct segments - Metal Working, Construction and Interior Decoration, including Wood Working.

In all three segments, CUMI’s policy is to provide a combination of quality Abrasives and Power Tools to increase work efficiencies and enable customers to complete their tasks with ease.

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