CUMI 16kg Demolition Hammer 1240 Watts - CDH 016 Elite

Demolition Hammer 16kg CDH 045
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Demolition Hammer 16kg CDH 045 | CUMI Power Tools

Demolition Hammer 16kg CDH 045

  • Model Code: CDH 045
  • Description: Demolition Hammer
  • Operting Voltage: 230 Volts 50 Hz
  • Power: 1240 W
  • Impact Rate: 1400/min
  • Impact Energy per stock: 42 J
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Tool Holder: SDS-max

Application Details

  • Chiselling on Concrete
  • Chiselling on Bricks
  • Chiselling on Stones (by the use of Appropriate Accessory)

Standard Accessories

  • Chisel
  • Allen Key 4mm & 5mm
  • Wrench
  • Spring

Usage Instructions

1. Pull the trigger switch after applying the tip of the bit to the crushing position.

In some cases, it is necessary to punch the tip of the bit Against the crushing position forcibly in order to begin the striking stroke.

This is not due to malfunction of the power tool. It means that the safe guard mechanism against no-load striking is working.

2.Operate this demolition hammer by utilizing its own weight. The performance will not be better even if it is pressed or thrust forcibly against the work surface. Hold this demolition hammer with a force just sufficient to Counteract the reaction.

Safety Precaution:

Sometimes the power tool does not begin the striking stroke even when the motor rotates because oil has become thick. If the power tool is used at low temperatures or if it is used after a long idle time, this demolition hammer should be kept running for about five minutes in order to warm it up.

Oil Feeding:

Prior to oil feeding, always disconnect the plug from the power supply receptacle. Since an oil chamber is built in this demolition hammer, it can be used for approximately 20 days without supplying oil, assuming that this demolition hammer is used continuously 3 ~ 4 hours a day.

Feed oil into the oil tank as described below before using this demolition hammer.

  1. Feed oil without fail before no oil is visible in the oil gauge window when this demolition hammer is held upright.
  2. Before feeding oil, remove the oil gauge with the provided wrench. Be careful not to lose the rubber packing attached under the oil gauge.
  3. Check the oil level once a day, confirming that oil is enough.
  4. After feeding oil, securely clamp the oil gauge.

Maintenance and Inspection Tips :

  1. Good results are only achieved with sharp chisels. Therefore, sharpen the chiselling tools in good time. This ensures a long service life of the tools and good working performance.
  2. Sharpen chiselling tools using grinding wheels with a steady supply of water. Take care that no annealing coloration appears on the cutting edges; this impairs the hardness of the chiselling tools.
  3. Since use of a dull accessory, such as a bull point, a cutter, etc., will cause motor malfunctioning and efficiency degraded efficiently, whet it or replace with a new one without delay when abrasion is noted.
  4. Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure that they are properly tightened.Should any of the screws be loose, retighten them immediately. Failure to do so could result in serious hazard.
  5. The retainer may become loose due to excessive use. Always, pay attention to its proper functioning to securely hold the accessory shank portion. If any wear and tear is found, bring this demolition hammer to an authorized service center for maintenance service.
  6. The motor employs carbon brushes which are consumable parts. Since an excessively worn carbon brush results in motor trouble, replace the carbon brush with a new one which has the same carbon brush No. When it becomes worn to or near “wear limit”.In addition, always keep carbon brushes clean and ensure that they slide freely within the brush holders.
  7. The carbon brush can be removed by removing the cap cover, cap rubber and brush Cap in that order at the interior.
  8. Be sure to switch power OFF and disconnect the plug before and during maintenance and inspection.
  9. You should use compressed air (max. 3 bar) to clean out the ventilation
  10. slots .

General Safety Instructions

  • Please read all safety and operating instructions before attempting to use your CUMI Power Tool.
  • Keep your area free from clutter and well illuminated to avoid accidents.
  • Do not operate power tools in explosive atmosphere. Inflammable dust or liquids may get ignited by the sparks from power tools.
  • Do not alter or modify the factory fitted plugs. By doing this, you will reduce chances of electrical shock.
  • Double insulated Power Tools do not require earthing. However, single insulated tools require earthing connections properly grounded to avoid electrical shock
  • Never abuse the power cable by carrying the tool by the cable. Keep the cable away from sharp objects, oil and heat.
  • Always have a good balance while using power tools. Over-leaning, balancing the body on one foot, operating the tool when tired, or under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs can cause severe injuries.
  • Wear safety equipment like eye protection goggles, gloves, earplugs, hard shoes, helmet, etc., as applicable, depending on the work you do.
  • Ensure that the switch is in off position, before switching on the power tool.
  • Similarly, ensure that chuck keys, spanners or any other tools used for fitting accessories are removed before the tool is started.
  • Beware of loose things like your dress, hair, etc., getting entangled with the moving parts of the Power Tools. Dress appropriately.
  • Do not force the tool when using it. Check whether correct tool /abrasive is used, if the tool does not perform as per expectations. Also use the correct tool for the right application.
  • Disconnect the plug from the mains, either before fitting accessories or making any adjustments or before storing the Power Tools.
  • Keep tools away from children. Insist on reading the instructions, if anybody unfamiliar with a particular type of Power Tools attempts to use it.
  • Maintain Power Tools and keep them in good working condition. Improper maintenance and delaying the service on due dates may cause accidents.
  • Always hold the Power Tool firmly in both hands. Keep the work-piece clamped and firmly held.
  • Always direct the cable to the rear, away from the machine.
  • The use of any accessory or attachment other than those recommended in this booklet, may present a personal risk or injury.
  • When you want the power tool repaired, get it done through an authorised service personnel.

Special Safety Instructions prior to usage

  1. Keep the work place clean and tidy. Accidents are apt to occur at messy work.
  2. Don't place the machine in the rain. Don't operate the machine at damp places. Don't operate it near places where inflammable fluid or gas is stored.
  3. Don't let kids come near the work place, Unconcerned persons are forbidden to touch the machine or electric wires.
  4. When it is not in use, the tools must be put in a dry and clean place.
  5. It is forbidden to replace or refit this product.
  6. Use the cable cord properly. Don't use the cable cord to lift the machine. Don't pull the cable cord out of the outlet. Protect the power line from contacting oil or a sharp edge to avoid being damaged.
  7. Maintain the machine carefully. The machine and the accessories should be kept clean. Check the power line and the plug periodically. Replace it at once if there is any damage.
  8. Focus your attention on the work. Don't operate the machine when you are tired.
  9. Be sure to ask a qualified electrician to repair the machine, otherwise, accidents may happen to the user.
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