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With ergonomic lifting design, this Drum Lifter assists safer and easier lifting, transporting and placing down steel drums on or off pallets using adjustable Spring-load drum clamps. With easy-glider-over pallet, Drum Handling Equipment helps operator to easily and quickly lift 30 or 50 gallon drums being transported within the entire facility, with the help of a drum clawgrab.  

Highlights of Manual Drum Lifter

  • Easy- to-operate
  • High load bearing capacity with Ergonomic casters
  • Increases worker productivity
  • capacity 350 kg, Lifting Height: 1400 mm
  • Tight aisles maneuvering with rear casters

This material Handling Equipment is ergonomically designed to meet your end-to-end drum lifting requirements, using highly maneuverable Swivel Steering wheels and Precision Roller Bearing load wheels for easy positioning and maximum stability.

The Barrel Lifter can lift 350 kg of drums with lifting height 1400mm with no any jerky movements.

Robust Eagle-Grip clamping mechanisms

Drum Lifter Trolley features adjustable Eagle-Grip clamping mechanisms facilitating easy gripping of steel drums.

Operator-friendly foot pedal

Drum Handler has operator-friendly foot pedal arrangement that simplifies lifting and lowering of drums of any size and types

Virtually maintenance-free operation

Hydraulic Drum Lifter ensures drum mover provides many years of reliable service while keeping your operating costs low

Help reduce the risks of injuries

Drum Tilter helps minimize injuries connected to operated-led drums handling on or off pallets, dramatically.

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