High Lift Scissor Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
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Scissor Lift High Lift Pallet Truck Highlights

  • Quick Lift Operation
  • Improved Safety
  • Great Stability
  • Available in different loading capacity
  • Free Shipping in INDIA
  • Designed to Last & Engineered to Perform
  • Heavy duty steel construction

High Lift Scissor Lift Pallet Truck

Scissors Lift mechanism to raise, lower or transport your goods and handling loads. Available in various lift heights and loading capacities.

Tailor-made Lift Tables

Using our hydraulic lift tables, you  feel free and comfortable to raise and transfer heavy loads and work pieces, while your items are freely moved from the ground floor to the higher positions.

Quick Lift Operation

Quick-Lifting function doubles the lifting speed when lifting loads less than 250kg.

Improved Safety:

Automatic activation of self adjusting stabilizers when lifting loads higher than 400mm for maximum stability.

Great Stability:

Extra long front legs increase the stability when handling unevenly loading pallets.

When lifting height below 400mm, it is as easy to move as a Pallet truck, Above 400mm the truck is automatically locked by triggering the supports at both sides of the steering wheels.

Model: HL-PT-550 HL-PT-685
Capacity: 1500kg 1500kg
Min.fork height: 85mm 85mm
Max.fork height: 800mm 800mm
Fork size: 550x1150mm 685x/1220mm
Wheel material: Nylon Nylon
Pump color: black black
Body color: orange orange
Self weight: 125kg-135kg 125kg-135kg

Scissor Lift FAQ's:

How to Choose the correct Scissor Lift High Lift Pallet Truck?

In order to fix the correct highl lift pallet truck, you need to necessary to know the kind of tasks the highlift pallet truck is expected to perform. Thus you can decide on the style and capacity of the lift and of course the required quality level, along with any optional features if needed, as well.

Pleases define what Hydraulic Scissor Lift High Lift Pallet Truck:

A high lift pallet truck is lifting equipment that uses a scissors mechanism to lower or raise heavy and large goods at small distances. The application of a high lift pallet truck includes unload conveyor, feed process, any application requiring moving and positioning pallets or containers of material.

What are the advantages associated with hydraulic highlift scissor lift pallet truck?

The advantages include structural heavy duty steel construction, movability and moved by hand operation; easy operational system dismisses the need of special training.  It also offers low in price and low maintenance.

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