Hydraulic Stacker

Hydraulic Stacker
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Highlights of Hydraulic Stacker

  • Stronger backrest

  • Large bulky crates transporting

  • Integrated hydraulic system

  • Heave-duty plug in cord

  • Battery capacity indictor

  • Driver safety screen

Manual lift stacker

Heavy-duty roller bearing Manual lift stacker is an operator friendly economical lift that handles transportation of molds, pallets, dies allowing the lift operator to perform pressure free-operation, thus ensuring easy maintenance of sealed bearings.

Manual hand stacker

Manual hand stacker is hand lift and hand push stacker that ensures cost-effective handling in the areas of production and vehicle loading with the two options (Load platform/PU wheels). This Manual Stacker trolley assures low running costs and maintenance.

Smart mast roller & adjusting eccentric bearing

         Hydraulic hand stacker promises mast verticality using Smart mast roller & adjusting eccentric bearing

Supporting leg with the steel tub

         Manual stacker truck is smartly designed to support the strength of supporting leg with the steel tube & smart supporting

Smart design

         Smart design of Hand Stacker help reduce noise pollution during unloading using a special screw with spring tip

No drive only power lift

         Electric manual stacker is engineered for in-between handing application which does not require drive but power lift only.

Specification of Manual Hydraulic Stacker

Model No. HS-A1.0 HS-A2.0 HS-A3.0 HS-EH1.0 HS-EH2.0
Capacity Kg 1000 2000 3000 1000 2000
Max Lifting Height mm 1600 1600 1600 2500/3000 2500/3000
Lowered Height Of Forks mm 85 85 100 90/90 90/90
Fork Lenght mm 900 900 1000 900/900 900/900
Adjustable Width Of Forks mm 230-580 270-680 320-770 300-750 340-750
Lifting Speed mm/stroke 20 14 10 14 14
Lowering Speed mm/stoke Controllable Controllable Controllable Controllable Controllable
Outer Width Of Front Legs mm 750 750 750 690 690
Front Wheel Size mm φ85*50 φ85*50 φ100*50 φ75*52 φ75*70
Rear Wheel Size mm φ180*50 φ180*50 φ180*50 φ180*50 φ180*50
Overall Size mm φ2040*750*1420 φ2040*750*1480 φ2050*800*1650 1895*785*1470 2150*785*1470
Self Weight Kg 115 180 280 220/240 250/280
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