CUMI Tool Kit - 650 Watts Impact Drill with 35 Sets of Accessories

CUMI Tool Kit - 650 Watts Impact Drill
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Multipurpose Power Tool Kit with Impact Drill

Searching for the ideal kit to take care of all the Do-It-Yourself kind repair works around your home? Then buy our Multipurpose Power Tool Kit CUMI CTK 035.

Multipurpose Power Tool Kit

CUI DIY KIT is perfect home improvement product to meet a wide range of your requirements at home. Light in weight & very easy to carry.

The drill comes with a handle which is easy to grasp so that you can use it comfortably. The drill is used for drilling holes on concrete, metal, wall, wood or plastic. The oher tools can be used for fixing hangers, lighting, painting or also dismantling or setting your furniture and fixtures. 

Why CTK 035?

Electrical repair, fixing broken furniture, hanging posters/mirrors and screw driving are simple works that you can complete yourself. However, you need some specific tools for these tasks.

To help you carry on with these tasks by yourself without requiring the help of aprofessional, CUMI brings this compination of power drill and hand tools.

Neatly packed in portable plstaic carry case, this tool kit includes a 650 Watts Powerful Impact Drill among other tools. Drilling holes in your Brick wall, fixing steel sheets to the wall or making holes in wood are easy tasks with this tool. 

Assemble or take apart furniture and appliances as the tool can be used as Screwdriver. This tool is also convenient for mechanical repair and servicing of automobiles/machines that require constant fastening and removal of nuts/bolts.

With number of 35 Sets of accessories, this kit is aperfect companion for your DIY tasks at home. Whether it is repairing and fixing or working on projects, this kit will prove handy. You can keep your tools safe and secure in the plastic carry case.


CTK 035 is one of the most useful kit a homeowner can process. Drills are produced in a wide range of styles, and in addition to their standard functions, many power drills can double as an electric screw driver.

There are several things to kkep in mind when shopping for a drill set, and the choice of a product may depend largely on the skill level of the user and the work that will be done.

Handymen, do-it-yourselfers, and repair professionals can choose CTK 035 to easily facilitate the completion of new home improvement jobs.


  • Heavy duty 650 Watts machine
  • Precision drill chuck of 13mm capacity with key
  • Double insulated shock proof plastic body
  • Rotation per minute (RPM): 3000 r/min
  • Max. Impact Rate of 40,000 bpm
  • 1/2" - 20 UNF Spindle Thread
  • Max. Drill diameter of 13mm (Wall), 10mm (Steel), 15mm (Wood)


  • Multipurpose Impact Tool Kit with Powerful Drill Machines
  • Low power consumption.
  • Can drill wood, wall & metal surfaces.
  • Electronic Speed Adjustment for varying speeds.
  • Double Insulated shock proof plastic body.
  • Easy grip swivel handle with depth gauge.
  • Body shape to facilitate wrapping of power cord around it.
  • Holes of accurate depth can be drilled with the help of depth guage.


  • Enables drilling into wood, concrete and metal
  • Put up your precious paintings, set right your furniture or simply work around your home
  • Fixing a curtain Rod
  • Reparing a broken Chair
  • Creating a Toy Stand
  • Handing a pot on the ceiling
  • Handy tools that help perform all types of rotation and repairing Jobs at your home

Important Features

Below are a few important features that your drilling machine must have for maximum benifit CUMI DIY Kit has

Reverse Drilling:

This is a feature that helps you remove bits that get stuck and is an important one to have even if you are not using your drilling machine for driving screws.

Variable Speed:

This features is essential if you are going to use your drilling machine for driving screws. Even if you are not going to use your drilling machine for driving screws, this is a feature that helps you drilling machine clean holes as different materials need different bit speeds.

Two Mode (For Impact & Drilling):

This features is essential if you are going to drill holes into wall or metal or wood. Select Impact mode for drilling into Wall & Drill Mode for drilling into Steel/Wood.

What contain in Drill Kit Box?

CTK 035 DIY Multi purpose drill contains 48 Sets of Accessories

  • High Quality Drill Bits HSS Drill Bits - 3 Nos, Wood Drill Bits - 3 Nos, Masonry Drills - 3 Nos
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Cutting Plier
  • Utility Knife
  • Measuring Tape 2M
  • Screw Driver
  • Claw Hammer
  • Side Handle Screw Driver Bits (11 N)
  • 1" Sockets (8N) Hex.
  • Magnectic Tip Holder
  • Plastic Expansion Bolt (10N)

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