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Pallet Truck
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With robust ergonomic design, CUMI Lift Pallet Truck provides incredible maneuverability within your workplace environments with steering and load wheels ensuring optimum material transport ease, even in contrained areas.

CUMI Lift customizable Pallet truck is designed to meet your workplace  demands, featuring heavy duty steel construction, load capacities, pump unit with super large piston and various fork sizes that are adopted to suite various applications of material handling, resuting in improved handling performance.

The oil pump body is made of welding the prefabricated parts together first, and then mechining the welded body. High-pressure relief valve to prevent overload.

Pallet truck Oil Pump 

Robust lifting capability:

With lifting capacity 500 Kgs / 2500 Kgs / 3000 Kgs / 5000 Kgs - CUMI Lift Pallet Truck is exceptionally versatile when it comes to various application of material movement and is also adaptable to worrspace conditions, leading to outstanding rolling performance.

Designed to perform:

CUMI Lift Pallet Truck is designed to deliver long-lasting performance through a mechanism of easy material handling operation, enabling operators to perform more efficiently, wiht less fatigue experience.

Designed for ease of use:

The ergonomic handle encase, along wiht both the Control Lever and the Neutral Lever helps improve productivity with easier maneuvering through restricted spaces.

Low rolling resistnace:

The load and steer wheels consit of high quality bearings and components, which helps create low rolling resistnace. Steer wheels are designed to rotate through a range of 200 degree for easy maneuvering through compact area.

CUMI Lift Pallet Truck Special Modules include:

  • Paper Roll Pallet truck
  • Scale Pallet Truck
  • Stainles Steel Pallet truck
  • Galvanized Pallet truck.
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