Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets
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To meet a comfortable handling solution, ergonomic plastic pallets ensure contoured construction with improved workplace safety and reduced, costs quality, and they are free of rust, splinters and nails.

Types: WT, WH, WS, WJ


  • 1100 x1100 x150 mm
  • 1200 x1000 x150 mm
  • 1200 x1200 x150 mm


  • Cost effective solution to shop-floor handling storage
  • One-stop shop for all logistics systems
  • Custom-made solutions to material Handling Equipment
  • Steel reinforcement bars to handle heavy loads

Plastic pallets are made from high quality material sand undergone test for hygienic compliance. With molding in one piece, the pallets provide easy cleaning, consistent dimensions and incredible performance ratio. And also, they offer low maintenance and stability while they are fit for standard handling and conveying systems.

High standards of quality

Plastic pallet ensures exceptionally low damage rate, durability, efficiency thus reducing costs- are of reusable, pure, and hygienic compliance tested.

Alternative to wood pallet

Best-suited alternative to wood pallet as it is lightweight and durable, and relatively same price. More importantly, fumigation for export is required.

Easily handling wet environment

Meets the requirements of food storage practice and absence of protruding nails ensures no injuries to workers. And, it easily manages wet environment and is pest free solution.


Heavy duty pallet racks provide tremendous great savings compared to over wood pallets and meet the initial investment costs.

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