CUMI Rotary Drill 13 mm / Mixer CRD 013 P 13mm

Rotary Drill 13 mm / Mixer CRD 013 P 13mm
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Application of CRD 013 P:

  • Drilling on Steel

  • Drilling on Wood

  • Mixing Paint, Putty, etc,

  • Polishing Granite, Marbles, etc,


Product Specification of CERD 013 P

  • Model Code: CRD 013 P

  • Description: CUMI Drill cum Mixer 013 P

  • Operating Voltage: 230 Volts, 50 Hz

  • Power: 600 W

  • Speed (No Load): 1300 rpm

  • Weight: 1.9 Kg

  • Chuck Specification: 1/2"

Operating Instructions:

Installing Side Handle & Bar Stop:

Rotary Drill Installation                 

Loosen the Wing Screw of the side handle and fix the Side Handle over the Gear Box in the required Position and then tighten the Wing Screw as shown Figure.

Mounting & Removing Mixer Rod for Mixing :

Rotary Drill Installation

  • Ensure that the machine is switched “OFF” and unplugged from the Supply.

  • Clean the bit shank and apply a bit of grease before mounting the Mixer Rod.

  • Open the Chuck jaws and Insert the Rod into the machine.

  • Lock the chuck key in the hole of chuck and Tight the Chuck securely by rotating the Chuck Key in clockwise direction only.

  • To remove the rod, place and rotate the chuck key in counter clockwise direction.

Mounting & Removing Drill Bit for Drilling :

  • Follow the same procedure as above for mounting the drill bit and Connect the Plug to the Power outlet and run the machine with the Drill Bit and Ensure that the drill is well secured.

  • Position the machine with the drill bit and apply Pressure gradually in a straight line.

  • To minimize the breaking through the material, reduce pressure on drill and ease the drill bit through the last part of the hole.

  • Always use the Side Handle and firmly hold the machine by both Side Handle and Switch Handle during operations.

  • For Wood, use twist drill bits, spade bits, power auger bits, or hole saws.

  • For Metal, use high speed steel twist drill bits or hole saws.

  • Make sure that you use the appropriate drill bit for the material that you are working on and that the material to be drilled is anchored or clamped firmly.

  • For larger holes in Woods, use power drill wood bits.


CUMI POWER TOOLS is manufactured by Carborundum Universal Limited, a market leader in abrasives for more than five decades. CUMI‘s foray into power tools is a reiteration of its commitment to provide customers with TOTAL SOLUTIONS.

A combination of the right power tool, right spares, right accessories and prompt service. A combination, which is designed to empower the customer.

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