Semi Electric Stacker

Semi Electric Stacker
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Semi-electric stacker aptly addresses your basic material Handling requirements such as loading and unloading of goods and pallets transporting over short-distance. It protects from pollution and noise pollution while ensuring lower malfunctioning rate.


  • Best option for loading and unloading trucks
  • Economical complement to a varied need of mobile lifting applications
  • Safety guard on load roller and steering wheel
  • Ensuring a robust manual steering system
  • Designed with  safety screen and floor lock & three light LED charge status indicator 

Pallet lifter is a suitable economic choice for cargo handling and stacking. Goods lifting becomes easy and effective to the height as per your requirements using a robust electric lifting system, featuring easy-to-perform operation, compact construction, environmental protection, maneuverability, noiseless for the warehouse in and out operations which includes chemicals, textile, and food industries.

Handle castor chain

Pallet lifter Handle castor chain facilitates smooth functioning of steering system  thus making labor easier.

Explosion proof valve

Explosion proof valve Lifting Equipment protects against unanticipated fall of fork as well as  operator harm-free environment

Over-Protection –Discharge

Semi Electric Stacker’s design of Over-Protection -Discharge feature ensures the prolonged life span of battery life.


Capacity (kgs)


Lifting height (mm)


Mast Type

Single / Double

Fork Length


Min. Height of Forks


Load Center (mm)


Charging Voltage (V)


Motor Power (K.W)


Outer width of Legs (mm)


Inner width of Legs (mm)


Adjustable width


Load wheel size


Steering wheel size


Weight (Kgs)


Closed Height


Extended Height


Semi Electric Stacker FAQ's:

1.What is load center? 

The load center is all about a reference point providing the location wherein the center of gravity of a load should be in line with the stacker. General speaking, a load on a pallet of any size should have its Center of Gravity (CoG) at the midpoint of the pallet in such a way that you can balance the load on the pallet.  In case a stacker has a 15” Load Center, a pallet of 30” in length or less is recommended to use which helps not have to center of gravity of the load exceeded the b center of gravity the Stacker. On the other hand,  it is recommended to use a 40” X 48” or 48” X 48” Pallet for a stacker has a 24” Load center.  In short, use the recommended pallet size for the stacker you have and make sure the load is balanced and hence the center of gravity of the load and load center of the equipment are aligned.

2.What is the turning radius?

Turning radius is end to end turning circle.  If the radius is smaller,  aisle must be  less width  for  maneuvering  of  loads by a stacker.

3.Is it possible to build a customized material handling equipment for our company? 

Yes, it quite possible to build a customized machine for your organization with the fully understand  of your requirement fully, first. Hence share the detailed requirements with us.

4.What about the battery maintenance?

 We offer maintenance-free battery that help reducing the service cost to a great extent.

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