CUMI 4" Tile Cutter 1250 Watts - CTC 4-12

Tile Cutter 110mm CTC 4-12
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Application of CUMI Tile Cutter 110 mm

  • Cutting and marking on marble and granite.

  • Cutting and marking on various types of stones.

  • Cutting and marking on concrete and bricks.

Tile Cutter 110mm CTC 4-12 | CUMI Power Tools

Suitable Accessories

Diamond Cutting Blade

Application Details

  • Cutting and marking on marble and granite.

  • Cutting and marking on various types of stones.

  • Cutting and marking on concrete and bricks.

Standard Accessories

  • Allen Key

  • Wrench

  • Pinch Cock

  • Hose

Product Specifications:

Model Code CTC 4-12
Description CUMI Tile Cutter 110 mm
Operating Voltage 230 Volts, 50 Hz
Power 1250 W
Speed (No Load) 12,500 rpm
Weight 2.8 Kg
Diameter of Wheel 110 mm
Bore of the Wheel 20 mm
Thickness of Wheel Max. 4 mm

Usage Instructions

Fixing and Removing the Diamond Blade

Tile Cutter Usage Instruction 1a

  • Precaution : Ensure electrical connections are disconnected from power supply. Stop water supply and remove the tool to a dry place.

  • Remove L H Bolt with box wrench, holding the spindle using wrench. Remember you should rotate the box wrench in clockwise direction to loosen the Bolt.

  • Once the L H Bolt is removed, Washer A comes out, Blade (if fitted) is removed.

  • Washer B is taken out and the spindle and the area of the cutter behind Washer B is Cleaned well.

  • Mount washer B, Fix Blade. The direction marked on the blade and the spindle rotation direction should match. Position Washer A, Tighten LH Bolt in position by rotating box wrench in anti clockwise direction only.

Attaching and Using the Water Supply Unit

Water Supply on Tile Cutter

  • Loosen the depth guide clamp and move the base plate to the lowest position.

  • Secure the base plate in lowest position by tightening the guide clamp fully.

  • Fix the water tap attachment as in Fig 2. Use machine screw to hold it in place.

  • Attach the vinyl hose to the tap inlet as shown in Fig 2.

  • Volume of water through the tap is controlled by moving the tap lever left and right.

  • If you are using water direct from a tap outlet, connect the rubber connector to the vinyl hose and connect the rubber connector to the city water tap outlet

  • Open water supply and adjust volume, such that the rubber connector still continues to remain attached to the city water tap. Further adjustments of flow can be made using the lever of the water / Coolant tap, now fitted onto the Cutter.

  • When using water from a container, keep the container at least 80 cms above working surface. Only this will create enough pressure to cool and wash away the slurry.

Cutting Procedure

  • Connect the plug to power outlet and run the machine with the diamond blade. Ensure that the run is free of wobbling and the blade is well secured, before attempting to cut.

  • Position the machine with the cutting blade in line with the cutting line, but away from the slab to be cut.

  • Rest the base plate on the slab and lower the blade enough to clear the depth (thickness of the slab) required. Maximum depth in one cut allowed is only 20 mm

  • If thickness to be cut is more than 20mm, more than one pass will be required to achieve full depth.

  • Adjust water flow, move the blade on pre-marked line until the length of cut required is achieved.

Some Precautions

  • Marble Cutter has an open end with the blade rotating. Handle the tool cautiously to avoid fingers coming in contact with moving blade. Should the cutter stall or stop while cutting, ensure that the blade is not bent before continuing the cutting operation.

  • Cut only after diamond blade has reached its full speed and stop the running of the blade by switching off the machine, whenever you hear an abnormal sound.

  • Keep power cable always away from the rotating blade.

  • Always disconnect the electrical plug connector from power outlet after use.

Inspection and Maintenance Tips

  • Check blades and replace them whenever cutting edge is dull, cracked, bent or broken. Continued use will endanger the user and reduce usable life of tool.

  • Check and replace carbon brushes, when they are worn-out. Auto - Stop carbon brushes fitted on the machine will stop the machine, when carbon brush is worn out.

  • Inspect the tool regularly for loose screws and replace / tighten them periodically

  • Please get the tool checked or replaced only at authorised service centers.

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